• Nursing Education Accreditation
  • Accreditation Procedure and Method

Accreditation Procedure and Method

  • Regulations for the Accreditation of Nursing Education

Application Announcement of the Evaluation and Accreditation Plan KABONE
Announcement of the Evaluation and Accreditation Institute
Self-Study Self-Evaluation Forum KABONE/Institute
Submission of Self-Evaluation Report Institute
Evaluation Evaluator Recruitment and Training KABONE
Written Evaluation Evaluation Team
Site Visit Evaluation Team
Submission of Supplementary Materials Institute
Draft Report on the Evaluation Results Evaluation Team
Review Coordination of the Evaluation Results Coordinating Committee
Review the Facts about Evaluation Result Report Institute
Decision of the Accreditation Results Accreditation Review Committee
Approval of the Accreditation Results Board of Directors
Notification of the Accreditation Results KABONE