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Vision and Governance
1.1. Vision and Educational Objectives 1.1.1. Educational Goals and Objectives
1.1.2. Establishment of Program Learning Outcomes
1.1.3. Development and Operation of the Developmental Plans
1.2. Administration and Finance 1.2.1. Operation System and Support
1.2.2. Security and Operation of Departmental Finances
1.3. Improvement in Governance 1.3.1. Effort for Improving the Governance Process
Program Curriculum
2.1. Outcome-Based Curriculum Framework 2.1.1. Outcome-Based Curriculum Framework
2.1.2. Subject Completion System and Credits
2.2. Outcome-based Curriculum and Student Assessments 2.2.1. Theory Education
2.2.2. Clinical Lab Practice
2.2.3. Clinical Practice Education
2.2.4. Guidance for Clinical Practice Placement
2.3. Improvement in the Curriculum 2.3.1. Effort to Improve the Curriculum
3.1. Student Guidance 3.1.1. Student Guidance System
3.1.2. Student Support Program
3.2. Student Welfare and Safety 3.2.1. Student Welfare
3.2.2. Safety Management for Clinical Placement
4.1. Nursing Faculty 4.1.1. Securing the Nursing Faculty
4.1.2. Teaching Hours and Subjects of Full-time Educators
4.1.3. Securing Clinical Educators and Facilitators
4.2. Professional Development of the Nursing Faculty 4.2.1. Support Professional Development for Educators
Facilities and Equipment
5.1. Educational Facilities 5.1.1. Securing Essential Educational Facilities and Amenities
5.2. Clinical Lab Facilities and Equipment 5.2.1. Provision for Clinical Lab Facilities and Equipment
5.2.2. Securing Clinical Placement Places
Evaluation of Educational Outcomes
6.1. Student Competencies 6.1.1. Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes
6.1.2. Evaluation of the Core Nursing Skills
6.1.3. Pass Rates on the National Exam and Employment Rate
6.2. Graduate Competence 6.2.1. Graduate Competence and Satisfaction